As an extension to our principal values for the care, integrity, initiative and superior quality of our products, we are determined to remain a socially responsible and ethical company. In order to maintain our values, we are focusing our efforts on 4 key areas:


Our target market are wholesale supplyers (technical equipment stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, etc), and retail customers (every householder), we supply them with high quality products and we offer them warranty with our commitment and service. Our aim is to earn long-term customers, to care about them with respect, not just when they buy the products, but for as long as they use them.


Today, our company has over 60 employees and we are continuously improving the working conditions, the benefits for our employees and investing in them to improve their skills. We invest in their future and the future of our company.


Our community is an ethical project in way to wake up and to help different levels of community to achieve success in education, health, sport, etc. We are a private member of “Albiz Foundation” with variable amount of participation. Also, we personally help and support other projects such as rebuilding the “Hospital of Gynecology – Mother Theresa” in Skopje, rebuilding many primary schools, etc.


Our environment is our responsibility and a lifetime careness, we want to live in a pure area and breath clean air, so we are creating a company with other members to manage rubish from packagings.