MANO started its operations in 1973 in the sector with plastic kitchenware manufacturing under the leadership of our founder Sabahattin Cakir. Renk Plastik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. has always aimed to develop high quality products, managed to attain its target of planned growth by adding hardware products to its range of products at its production facilities located at Hadımköy-lstanbul with a space of 10.000 square meters, which is equipped with advence technology machinery, as of 2005.

MANO has become an international company from a local manufacturer since it was established is one of the pioneering establishments exporting 35% of its product to more than 40 countries. Among the countries to which products are exported are the following: Italy, Belgium, Greece, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Middle East Countries and North African Countries.
MANO has modern molding rooms, which it has developed through infrastructural works, technological innovations and R&D activities. Our company designs 100% of its products in these high-tech molding rooms and makes them ready for mass production.The high quality molds that we develop in our plant ensure launching of practical and easy to use products to the market in a short time thus strengthen our power of competition.